Posted by Allan Riley
Rotary and Community tree planting at Howick’s Mangemangeroa Reserve
The Friends of Mangemangeroa two community tree planting mornings start early in June.  Each year the local community are invited to join in these popular Saturday morning native bush events.
The two Rotary Clubs (Howick & Somerville) have a longstanding presence in the bush restoration work being done since year 2000. There is the Rotary Loop seed-funded by Rotary, many seats,  and most recently the Friends Look-out - a new viewing area and seat in the Rotary Loop.
Come along with friends, and children (preferably 12 years or older) for a fun morning.  This Rotary and Friends of Mangemangeroa morning is Saturday 15th June.  Wet or fine, it’s ‘All On’.

Meet at the Reserve’s barn car park 108 Somerville Road, by 8.45am, then  walking to a site soon after.   
Strong participation from the Chinese community occurs on this day along with other ethnic groups. The morning concludes with a free sausage sizzle and light refreshments.
Join in and show  ’Rotary - Making a Difference’.
This morning is easiest when working in pairs digging shallow holes, planting a tree, and moving along the sites in a safe and systematic manner.  Reusable corflute tree  protectors will be put around each plant, so a few should bring a hammer or mallet, as well as a spade, covered footwear (no sandals), rain and sun protection and water. Some planting spades will be available.
Site conditions are moderately sloping to flat and relatively close to the main carpark.  You choose a planting area that suits your capability – no need to be a mountain goat.
Most trees are going into unmown pasture below the Trig close to the Mangemangeroa car park and Barn. All trees are grown from seeds eco-sourced from the Mangemangeroa Valley. 
A typical morning will see between 1200 – 1500 trees planted.  Throughout the year these have been grown at many planting units around the Howick and South Auckland areas.  Sites of these units include Somerville Intermediate and at Jim’s nursery. Many local schools contribute on their own planting days including Howick College, along with groups like Forest & Bird (the first major Saturday event), and Howick Tramping club etc.
Contact persons for further information are:
Jim Duckworth  09 534 7851
Allan Riley 021 534 474 or (H) 534 4067
Summertime weeding of eco-sourced kahikitea