President Gavin Green was pleased to lead the club’s first physical meeting at the Howick Club after weeks of lockdown 2.5. It was great for members to meet again and socialize over drinks and dinner. The occasion was used to update members on the developments of the Communications Group relating to the web site, Facebook and Keyway using a live demonstration through the Howick Club’s WIFI. The effectiveness of these media channels in keeping the public informed of the Bookarama project were clearly evident with 3000 followers on Facebook and 1000 active users on the web site over the last 30 days. 
Committee Directors also updated the meeting on activities that had progressed under lockdown as well as outlining future work. Now we can really get going! 
Bookarama Project Leader Geoff Thompson also took the opportunity to thank individuals and the club as a whole for a successful project and this was reinforced with a big “self-cheers” ordered by Sergeant Ian Fox.