Introduction of New Local Salvation Army Team

Donna Hedley Regional Relationship Manager introducing the new Salvation Army team of Tiana and Neil Henderson.
The Salvation Army were the clubs guests at the last dinner meeting. Donna Hedley Regional Relationship Manager whom the club got to know through the Food Parcel project took the opportunity to introduce the new local Salvation Army team of Tiana and Neil Henderson to the club. Donna was accompanied by fellow head regional office colleague Kate Hambly. 
Tiana and Neil presented the work that the local branch is involved in to support the local community. One of their new local approaches is to reach out to other local community organizations to provide better support packages for those people and families in need. They also thought that the Rotary International theme for 2021/22 of "Serve to Change Lives" aligned with their own approach to their ministry. 
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Guest Speaker - Wendy Spiller

Wendy Spiller belatedly receiving the Rotary Club of Howick Police Person of the Year Award for 2021 from President Madeleine East and Convenor David Owen
Former police Area Commander Wendy Spiller was our guest speaker at the club’s dinner meeting. 

The evening was an opportunity to formally present the Rotary Club of Howick Police Person of the Year Award to Wendy after she became the recipient in 2021 but had been unavailable to receive it due to Covid work pressures. The Award was for the amazing job she had done while in her role as Area Commander and having dedicated 34 years to Police service.
Following this presentation Wendy provided some reflections on her work as Area Commander and Controller of the Auckland’s southern border under Covid in addition to outlining her new position as Director of the International Police Woman’s Conference which will be held in Auckland in 2023. The conference will be one of the few that combine two organizations, the International Organization of Women in Policing and the Australasian Organization for Women in Policing. 

Wendy is very excited about her new role as Conference Director and asked if the club could assist her with some small goodwill gifts that she can use to encourage support for the NZ conference as in preparation she will be attending the individual organization’s conferences being held in Sydney and Toronto in 2022.  
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Farewell Night at Tennis Club

President Madeleine East presenting Caterer Foong Joseph with some flowers as a thank you for the delicious food that she had prepared during the clubs time at the Tennis Club.
The Club’s recent dinner meeting was a ‘fond farewell” to our temporary venue at the Pakuranga Tennis Club. 

Under Red Covid conditions we have been unable to meet at the Howick Club and Jenny and John Richardson worked with President Madeleine East and the Social Committee to make the Tennis Club room’s available with full catering and bar facilities. The temporary “home away from home” has worked incredibly well and members have enjoyed the “airy” environment and delicious food prepared by tennis club member Foong Joseph and her team.
All in all, a great temporary venue and one that may well feature in future social events. A big thank you to Jenny Richardson President of the Pakuranga Tennis Club and her team for making it happen.
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Blankets 4 Kids 4 Winter

Posted by Rob Mouncey
Some lovely knitted blankets donated by the Howick and Botany Knitting in Public Group
“Blankets 4 Kids 4 Winter” Blanket Donations Underway Already - Well Done Keep it Up!

Winter is on its way and the unfortunate truth is that many families in the community will not have enough blankets to keep their kids warm on winter nights.

To assist these families Howick Rotary has started the collection of blankets and quilts through its “Blankets 4 Kids 4 Winter” Appeal. Donations are already occurring and will run for the month of May. The project is being supported by the Howick Village Association which has added its organizational skills, resources and network to provide additional momentum. This follows the successful Rotary effort last year when more than 350 blankets were distributed to families in need through Stand Children Services and All Saints Anglican Church. In addition 40 Hand Woven blankets, along with many Teddy Bears, largely from the “Knitting In Public” groups of Howick and Botany, were donated to the Littlemore charity for the Middlemore Infant Birth Department.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church has been added to the supported charities this year to enable more families in need to be reached.

Collection Points are the Howick War Memorial Building (Market Place) and Howick Village Optometrist in Picton Street and Grasslands in Moore Street. If you are group or a school that needs help with a pick up please call.

For more information contact Bill Charkow 021 663022 or Rob Mouncey 021 413341. 
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Guest Speaker - Iva Ropati

Posted by Rob Mouncey
Iva Ropati Principal of Howick College shared his experience whilst on secondment to NZ Teachers Council to review Principal Leadership Growth and Development amongst NZ Principals.
His presentation was thought provoking and challenging. The main recommendations of the team on conclusion of the review were:  
Priority 1: Address workload: • Increased and equitable staffing provision • Ensure nationally mandated change is appropriately resourced and managed, and • Implement recommendations from the Tomorrow’s Schools Report around property.

Priority 2: Develop a formal and coherent programme for principal professional development and support. This should: • Support career development and progression from aspiring to experienced principals and beyond • Incorporate appointment criteria and include additional support for appointees who do not reach this threshold, and 9 • Provide specific and targeted support to grow leadership capability and aspiration among Maori and Pacific teachers and leaders.
Priority 3: Ensure there is tailored support for all principals by: • Develop best practice guidelines around supporting principal wellbeing • Provide Board training in understanding the challenges of the principal’s role, the importance of principal PLD for the school and the individual, and the support the principal needs to maintain their wellbeing, and • Establish the leadership advisor roles as recommended by the Tomorrow’s Schools taskforce to provide principals with customised support and critical friendship they can trust.
All in all a very interesting evening.
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Member Presentation

Glenice Yeoman a member of the club presented a brief “life story” at the last dinner meeting. 

Her life’s journey had not always been plain sailing but a wonderful relationship with her very special dad has shaped her life and who she is today.

Born in Whakatane, her mother had a stroke when Glenice was very young, and as a result was severely disabled. Care facilities were not what they are today so her mother’s care was largely undertaken by Glenice and her dad. Living with a severely disabled person and seeing the challenges that were faced daily strongly influenced Glenice’s decision to build an Air B and B which is set up to accommodate people with even the most severe disabilities.

Glenice trained as an event manager and worked in that field for a number of years but her early dream was to be an architect. While this ambition was not fulfilled, her interest and passion were a huge advantage in developing her home into her business with a beautiful outdoor area complete with pool.
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Education Update

Our club has been fortunate to be able to continue to meet together during these difficult times. At our last meeting we heard from Deidre Alderson, Director of Education, Auckland, who spoke about the many changes currently underway in our school curriculum. A focus on literacy development and mathematics is clearly evident, along with a review of NZ history being taught in schools. It was interesting to hear how schools are meeting these new changes while also having to cope with the huge challenges COVID has brought. It was evident by the number of questions asked that there is very keen interest in what is happening in our schools.
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Club Night

Club Members Enjoying an Informal Club Night at the Pakuranga Tennis Club
The last meeting of Howick Rotary was an informal Club Night at which President Madeleine East took the opportunity to update members on a number of key Board matters and upcoming projects.
It was noted that the Bookarama team are brainstorming new ideas to look at operating this project in different ways in the future. In addition the club has decided to assist the RSA in this years Poppy Appeal. Carole Ansley will be coordinating club member volunteers to help on Collection Day which is the 22nd April. The RSA needs the Clubs much needed assistance to make this year's Collection Day a big success as they have had to cancel the event in the last two years. The funds raised on the day go toward assisting Veterans and their families.
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Insight into Watercare and 3 Waters

Raveen Jaduram Director of the Infrastructure Commission and previous CEO of Watercare was our guest speaker at our last meeting. 
Raveen provided an interesting insight into the complex issues facing Auckland’s Watercare and those involved in the proposed 3 Waters legislation. In the case of Watercare it was clear that as an infrastructure entity that had to be consolidated into the accounts of the overall Auckland Council that funding issues for development would likely go on into the future. On the 3 Waters legislation he concluded that if the country wanted the right answer in terms of structure and control of water resources politicians should be asking the correct questions on what the current problems are. 
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Logan Installed 

The Rotary Club of Howick continues to support the Howick Historical Village. Recently a small dedicated group ensured the horse (which the Village has called Logan) and gig would be protected from the weather by putting down a concrete pad and shifting the rather heavy horse, along with the gig, to the new home. A much more comfortable place for Logan to stand, well protected from the elements.
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Bookarama Postponed Again Due to Covid

The Rotary Club of Howick has been running our popular pre-loved book sale every October since the year 2000.   Due to Covid restrictions last year’s event was postponed until this March.  Sadly, the current “code red” restrictions have caused us to make the frustrating and difficult decision to further defer Bookarama until next October.

Bookarama is our major fund-raising event and we know the community look forward to donating their surplus books, puzzles, CD’s, DVDs and LPs for recycling as well as coming along to Bookarama and enjoying the opportunity to purchase these items at extremely attractive prices.

The good news is that we are now working toward holding the event in October at Somerville Intermediate School as we have in the past few years. So, if you are able to donate any items suitable for Bookarama we are ready to accept them. 

For drop off arrangements or a collection call: 
Geoff 09 534 9371 or 021 740 733
Steve 09 534 7589 or 022 102 8332
John   09 534 6566 or 029 774 6566 
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First Meeting at New Temporary Venue

With the number restrictions at the normal Howick Club venue under Red the Club has found another temporary location to hold meeting’s, the Pakuranga Tennis Club. The first meeting at the new venue was held this week. Tennis Club President Jenny Richardson was on hand to host the meeting and ensure arrangements went smoothly. 

The meeting was an opportunity for Directors and Administrators to update the whole club on projects and activities as well as reviewing the club’s financial wellbeing.  President Madeleine East presided over the meeting and thanked presenters and the tennis club for making the meeting a success. The new venue worked very well and will allow the club to get back into the normal meeting programme while under Red Covid conditions.
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Howick Fun Walk & Run Cancelled

It is with significant regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the Howick Fun Walk & Run Event for 2022.
The Annual Event which is normally held toward the end of March will not be occurring this year. Under the current Public Health scenario with the many participating children still undergoing their vaccination programmes and now with Omicron in the community and the consequent move back under the Red Traffic Light conditions the event has had to be cancelled.
We are sorry the situation has come to this point for such a popular local community event but rest assured Howick Rotary are committed to holding the event next year when hopefully we will have put the Covid interference in our lives behind us.
Howick Fun Walk & Run Cancelled Rob Mouncey 2022-01-23 11:00:00Z 0

Christmas Gathering

After such a challenging year it was great for members to be able to meet up in person for a pre-Christmas get together. President Madeleine helped cut the Christmas cake once again made by our master baker, Jim Duckworth.
We look forward to returning in the new year with our plans for 2022. Watch out for an announcement re an early 'Bookarama,' maybe late March, to replace this year's cancelled event. More to come!
We wish all supporters the very best for Christmas and hopefully a more settled 2022 for us all.
Merry Christmas.
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District Governor Zoom Club Visit

The District Governor’s visit to a Rotary Club is always an opportunity to hear first-hand District goals for the year as well as international focus areas. This year by necessity we had this visit in virtual form. We welcomed DG Steve Chaney, his wide Edith as well as DG Elect Alan Smith and DG nominee Vinod Sareen. A large number of club members ‘zoomed’ in to hear DG Steve’s address with his focus on ‘diversity, equity and inclusion.’ The District Conference to be held next June will have these areas as their primary focus. Click on Slide Show to see Steve's presentation.

Hopefully, with the upcoming change to the ‘traffic light system,’ members will be able to meet together for a pre-Christmas catch up which will truly be a time for celebration.
District Governor Zoom Club Visit 2021-11-26 11:00:00Z 0

Zoom AGM's

The Club held its annual AGM via Zoom last Tuesday. It was great to see so many joining in the video link. President for 2019/20 Gavin Green presented his report covering the year’s activities and Treasurer John Richardson presented the Annual Accounts. The Clubs AGM was followed by Trust AGM chaired by Rob Mouncey. Largely as a result of the Bookarama fundraising project the club has been able to support a wide range of projects and activities in the community even under Covid conditions. For a detailed schedule of the projects and activities along with value of donations and grants made click LINK.
Maybe all AGMs in the future should be virtual! Too many attendees to fit on the one page!
Congratulations to all the new officers for the coming year.
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Police Awards

Annually, the Rotary Club of Howick recognises a local Police Officer for the outstanding work done to help keep our community safe. Area Commander Wendy Spiller has always been extremely supportive and has, each year, presented the award on behalf of our Club.
This year it was Inspector Spiller’s turn to receive the award after stepping down from such a high profile and demanding job. Sadly, the presentation had to be over Zoom. Wendy shared a number of challenges faced by the Police over these Covid times, including her current challenge as the Commander of Operation Romeo, the Mercer Checkpoint. It’s amazing just what can be found in a car boot!

We wish Wendy every success as she moves into her new role as Director of the International Police Women’s Conference to be held in 2023 in NZ for the first time and thank her for all she has contributed to our community.
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RYLA Presentation

Alex Monk at the RYLA Awardees Dinner
The Club had another Zoom meeting last Tuesday at which Alex Monk shared his experiences of this year's Rotary Young Leader Award Event that happened in July.
He was able to observe and practice different leadership styles as the participants get the opportunity to lead different activities through the week long course. He was also exposed to various team dynamics and saw how the best team performance comes when the whole team is dedicated to the activity with the same high levels of energy and commitment from everyone.
All in all a life changing experience with the added benefit of forming a new network of friends and colleagues.. 
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Club Meets by Zoom Again

Another Zoom Rotary meeting in level 3 lockdown. We are all now becoming more and more proficient as we ‘zoom along,’ with the odd non-muted mike or forgetting the camera is on, all adding that little extra chuckle to the occasion. Last night we heard from two relatively new members to the club Carole Ansley and Tony Francis who each shared their life journey. It certainly reinforces the wealth of experience and capability we have in our club. We all look forward with optimism to an announcement that will take us to Level 2 when we will be able to meet up face to face once again. Zooming is great but it does not substitute for direct contact with friends.
Club Meets by Zoom Again Rob Mouncey 2021-09-29 11:00:00Z 0

Club Meets on Zoom

Not being able to meet together under lockdown a Zoom meeting was held with 24 members attending our digital get together. Virtual cheers and greetings were exchanged with a wide variety of pre-dinner drinks. Prior coaching on the use of the mute button saw the meeting go very well with members learning new Zoom skills with the use of hands up, smiles and thumbs up from the reaction box. Geoff Thompson provided an update on Bookarama and for further news on this community project see below.
Our guest speaker for the night was our own Sally Fletcher who shared a brief account of her life. Some of the highlights included coming from farming stock with her family knowing the legendary All Black Clark brothers and her father teaching the great Don to kick a rugby ball no less! She spent time in the UK and Europe on her OE working in a variety of jobs, came home and ran the family timber yard and also trained in interior design and loves renovating houses. She was the first woman “traffic cop” in the Waikato. While living in Taupo Sally became so interested in Rotary’s disaster relief ShelterBox programme that she went to the UK for special training. It was this interest that bought her to Howick Rotary when she moved into the area. An interesting and diverse life and a great member of our team!
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Unfortunately the Club is unable to hold physical meetings under Leve's 4 and 3.
 Activities are being progressed as best they can through email, teleconferencing and Zoom meetings. We will be advising people if we have an Open Zoom Meeting so if you wish to attend let us know.
Lockdown 2021-08-31 12:00:00Z 0

Howick Fun Walk and Run Celebration

Chris Paul Community Liaison Officer for Coastguard receiving the Club's donation from President Madeleine East
The Fun Walk and Run project the club runs in March each year raises funds for Howick Coastguard and the clubs last dinner meeting was a celebration of this year’s event. Chris Paul Community Liaison Officer for Coastguard formally received the gross proceeds for this year’s event along with a further amount from the Rotary Club of Howick Community Trust totaling $9500. The funds will go toward the operational costs of running this essential lifesaving community service. 
The Fun Walk and Run project is a community team effort with a committee involving the original Crawford Medical members of Judy Pascoe and Shirley Curtiss along with representatives from Coastguard and led by members from Howick Rotary. It is well supported by a grant and equipment from the Howick Local Board, principle sponsors Mega Mitre 10 Botany and a range of other prize sponsors. Howick Local Board Chairperson Adele White, Mega Mitre 10 Botany Owner Michael Beale and Business Development Manager Sudesh Prasad along with the organizing team were also guests on the night to round out the team celebration. From 2013 the first year that the Rotary club supported the event the proceeds were $647 with a few hundred participants. It now grown into a significant event on the community calendar with 14 schools and large numbers of families and individuals taking part in a healthy fun day based at Stockade Hill.
Howick Fun Walk and Run Celebration 2021-08-12 12:00:00Z 0

New Members

We were pleased to be able to welcome two new members, Penny Li and Carole Ansley at our dinner meeting last Tuesday. 

Penny lives locally. Following her schooling in Bucklands Beach she graduated with a degree in Radiation Therapy. She works at Auckland City Hospital in this role helping cancer patients through their difficult journeys. Whilst in Wellington she attended Rotary’s RYLA programme and was also a member of Rotaract. Penny enjoys volunteering so she will be a great contributor to our club and the community. 

Carole is a past member of our club and used to own the 'Titles' Book Store in Uxbridge Road a good number of years ago. After a long period away in Kati Kati she has moved back to Howick and re-joined our club. Her expertise will be very valuable with our annual Bookarama project.

If you would like to know more about Rotary or want to explore how you can participate in community projects please give us a call.
New Members 2021-07-28 12:00:00Z 0

Bookarama News


We are very disappointed to advise that due to Covid 19 Bookarama has had to be POSTPONED this year. As had been previously advised we did set an amended date to hold this event at the RSA in Wellington St Howick from 23rd to 28th November. With the extended lockdown this is no longer feasible.

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support for this event which has been held by our club each year since 2000 with many thousands of dollars being put back into our community. We are now working on plans to set a new date for next year and will advise details once finalised. Sad, but another Covid casualty.

Whilst we would prefer for people to retain books until next year’s event is notified if there are special circumstances, like moving house, we can arrange collection. Please call Steve Ph. 534 7589 Mob. 022 1028332or John Ph. 534 6566 or Mob. 029 7746566.


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Medical Science at its Best

At our last dinner meeting we were fortunate to hear from the very talented Dr Helen Murray, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Auckland studying the anatomical changes in neurodegenerative diseases using post-mortem brain tissue. Helen made an incredibly complex subject so interesting that she was able to hold members and visitors spell bound!

Dr Murray is captain of the NZ Ice Fernz women’s ice hockey team and as such her research is closely aligned to her personal experience which is helping better understand brain changes after repeated injury from severe knocks in contact sport and how then to improve brain health in sport.

If you would like to join with us to hear other outstanding speakers, and to participate in other club activities please call or email Colin Monk Mob: 0275 771 879 email: .
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"Changing of the Guard"

President Gavin Green hands over the "Chain of Office" to incoming President Madeleine East at the Clubs Changeover night last Tuesday.
Rotary Clubs world-wide complete their year at the end of June. A new President is elected and the new Rotary year begins, often with new goals and projects to complete. The Rotary Club of Howick held its ‘Changing of the Guard’ evening on Tuesday last with Madeleine East welcomed in as our new President. Madeleine, along with her Board, will set the club’s direction for the next 12 months. One thing however is certain, and that is the Club’s ongoing commitment to helping within our own community wherever possible. We can be very satisfied with what was achieved over the last 12 months in spite of the COVID challenges we all faced and look forward to continuing our commitment throughout the next year.
Madeleine's full incoming speech is available through our Keyway bulletin and she provided the following statement under Read More to thank the organizers and introduce her new year. 

"Changing of the Guard" Rob Mouncey 2021-06-26 12:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Award

Helen Donoghue with a typical humble "why me" look receiving a Paul Harris (Founder of Rotary) Award for her wonderful contribution to the Clubs activities and the Community at large from President Gavin Green.
The Citation for Helens Award was presented by David Fels and this is included under Read More below.
Paul Harris Award Rob Mouncey 2021-06-26 12:00:00Z 0

Covid 19 - The Impact on the Travel Industry

Speaker Alison Kearney with Sergeant Mike Abercrombie answering questions following her presentation.
One of our own Alison Kearney who owns and operates the House of Travel in Howick shared her experience of the dreadful impact that Covid 19 has had on the industry and her business at our Tuesday dinner meeting.

Knowing about the outbreak in January and being led to believe that it was going to similar to the previous SAARS and MERS situation Alison left New Zealand to travel to Norway and the Artic to see the “bucket list” Northern Lights in late February. While away and being temporarily out of Wi-Fi contact, she suddenly had a barrage of emails on the 10th March notifying her of the situation as well as a deluge of questions from clients. On the 11th March the WHO declared the outbreak as a pandemic. 

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on her own business and the travel industry as a whole has been disastrous and Alison bravely related her own downsizing and alternative income business strategies that she and the NZ operations of the House of Travel had to put into place to survive. In addition, she told us about the international impact including such incredible statistics such as; 17000 planes being “idled” in deserts around the world at a cost of US$5000 per day, IATA members losses of a staggering US$84 billion up to July, all the world cruise ships anchored up and mothballed, Emirates refunding 750000 tickets per month and one airline having 19 policy changes in one month. She also shared some of the amazing House of Travel survival stories that occurred during this period. 

Despite going through this horrendous ordeal Alison is proud of how her and the company have weathered the storm and is also immensely grateful for the ongoing customer support that she has received. After 33 years in the industry Alison is optimistic that with everyone getting vaccinated and borders opening safely that it will be “onwards and upwards from here” after an incredibly stressful year. 
The full text of Alison’s presentation is available under Read More.    
Covid 19 - The Impact on the Travel Industry Rob Mouncey 2021-06-12 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary's Prestigious "5 Avenues of Service" Award Presented to Jim Duckworth

Jim Duckworth receiving Rotary's "5 Avenues of Service" Award from District Governor Craig Horrocks under the watchful eye of President Gavin Green.
Following an introduction by President Gavin in which he outlined the many different ways in which Jim has served the club and the community over his 50 years of active membership District Governor Craig Horrocks presented Jim with a “5 Avenues of Service” engraved crystal plaque. Jim’s family with wife Judy and daughter Rachel and son Jamie were on hand to help him celebrate an amazing milestone in Rotary service. Proof that “you can’t hold a good man down” Jim made his way to the rostrum on crutches to receive his award after undergoing another knee replacement the previous week!

Jim joined Howick Rotary in July 1971 and is a Past President of the Club and has held numerous Directorship roles within the Club over his 50 years. His many roles and achievements include helping found the “Friends of Mangamangaroa” through which a magnificent local estuarine reserve has been created, helping the Fiji FAIM team build houses, led a District Group Study Exchange to Germany, set the path for the club in making the first Paul Harris Fellowship awards and being active in hosting exchange students and RYLA participants. Amongst his many skills and attributes Jim’s baking ability is well known to all club members through his mouthwatering “Eccles” and Charter Birthday and Christmas cakes that he has made for project treats and formal occasions over the 50 years!

A well-deserved award to an incredibly generous and community minded man!

For a more complete review of Jim’s amazing 50 years of involvement in Rotary’s 5 Avenues of Service along with another photo of Jim and family click on Read More.  
Rotary's Prestigious "5 Avenues of Service" Award Presented to Jim Duckworth Rob Mouncey 2021-06-12 12:00:00Z 0

Mangamangaroa Reserve Presentation

It is now 20 years since the Friends of Mangamangaroa was formed and a short power point presentation of the activities of the organization including the part that Howick Rotary played in its formation and ongoing operations was given by Allan Riley, Jim Duckworth and Warwick Kitchen. The power point presentation was accompanied by a quiz on the recognition of native tree samples – not an exercise members found easy!

The Reserve was first formed when a number of individuals and community groups convinced the then Manukau City Council to purchase the land from the Somerville Estate and turn it into a reserve. The first planting took place on the 12th June 1999. Since then, an estimated 4500 – 8000 trees have been planted each year creating an amazing 5.4km walkway for the community.
The club can feel justifiably proud of the part that it has played in helping form this wonderful environmental asset.
Mangamangaroa Reserve Presentation Rob Mouncey 2021-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

Welcome to Transferring Member

Following an introduction by Mike Abercrombie President Gavin Green welcomed Tony Francis the Rotary Club of Howick and presented him with his club badge and membership certificate.

Tony is transferring from the Rotary Club of Darwin where he was Rotarian of the Year in 2019/20. Tony is a paramedic, a job that has taken him to many different countries around the world. He currently works for St Johns as Manager – National Operations Effectiveness Centre. His interests include red wine, skiing, motorcycles, motorsport, travel and enjoys walking around golf courses.
Club members gave Tony a big warm welcome. 
Welcome to Transferring Member 2021-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

National Science and Technology Forum Attendee Shares Her Experience

Bri. Flexman attended the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum in January of 2021. She joined two hundred other nationally selected candidates sponsored by Rotary clubs for an intensive two-week series of activities that spanned a vast range of science and technology subjects. These ranged from molecular biology to astronomy including practical’s involving analyzing her own DNA, testing her performance on Sport Science equipment and dissecting the heart, lungs and trachea of a sheep. 

Apart from providing her with a much wider perspective on what science and technology careers could be in front of her she immensely enjoyed being with liked minded people and has made some life long friends.
The club really enjoyed hearing Bri’s feedback as the Forum is one of the many ways that the club helps young people through sponsoring them on leadership and personal development courses.
National Science and Technology Forum Attendee Shares Her Experience Rob Mouncey 2021-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

Wine Tasting

This week’s meeting was kept short as we had an invitation to join with Howick Club’s ‘Wine Tasting’ group. 

After dinner members moved to the Howick Club’s function Room to enjoy an evening of tasting from Hãhã wines. Some 6 or 7 wines were offered creating considerable ‘well informed’ discussion. The presentation of the wines was accompanied by a background on the company and a description of each of the wines on offer by Auckland Sales Representative Ben Plummer.
Interestingly, Ben described Hãhã wines as a “virtual” winery with contracted grape growers, winemakers and bottlers. 

A most enjoyable evening for all. Thanks to the Howick Club wine group for the opportunity to participate.
Wine Tasting 2021-05-15 12:00:00Z 0

New Member Induction

Bill Charkow introduced new member Glenice Yeoman to the club and President Gavin Green then completed the induction ceremony and presented Glenice with her membership pack and name badge. The ceremony was rounded off by Rob Mouncey who welcomed new member Glenice to the Rotary International organization on behalf of 2020/21 President Holger Knaack.

Life originated for Glenice in Whakatane. She came from a farming background and more recently worked successfully as an Events Manager for Villa Maria Wines.

She has four adult children and currently operates “attitude b n b” as Managing Director. Interestingly she has designed the “b n b” to suit the needs of families with disabilities to ensure they maximize the enjoyment of their stay.

It is evident that Glenice likes working in a team environment as she has already been a keen participant in the clubs’ projects. It is also nice that Glenice’s induction takes us another step along the journey of gender balance. Glenice will be joining the Community Committee.
New Member Induction 2021-04-30 12:00:00Z 0

Howick Rotary at Brit and Euro Car Show

Howick Rotarians assisted with car marshalling and a sausage sizzle and drinks tent at the recent Brit and Euro Car Show at Lloyd Elsmore Park. There were over 1200 cars on display and thousands of visitors on the day. Demand was so high that another shipment of sausages had to be made to the tent!
Howick Rotary at Brit and Euro Car Show Rob Mouncey 2021-04-16 12:00:00Z 0

Laurence Kubiak, Chief Executive NZIER Presentation

Laurence Kubiak was the speaker at the Club’s last dinner meeting. Laurence is Chief Executive of the NZ Institute of Economic Research and he presented his view on the economy as the country approaches a post Covid era. He was able draw on the Institutes Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion that was “hot off the press” as it had just been completed for the first quarter of 2021.
Laurence Kubiak, Chief Executive NZIER Presentation Rob Mouncey 2021-04-16 12:00:00Z 0

New Member Induction

Colin Monk introduced new member Bhupen Narsay to the club at our last dinner meeting with President Gavin Green completing the induction ceremony and past president Rob Mouncey welcoming Bhupen to the Rotary International organization. 

Bhupen had been aware of Rotary, and its good work, for many years whilst living in Fiji. He is a trained and certified aircraft engineer, and has worked in Fiji, Canada, and latterly in NZ, in this role.
The arrival of COVID, and the problems in the airline industry, gave Bhupen the opportunity to take early retirement from Air New Zealand, and he is looking forward to giving something back to the community by joining Rotary.

Bhupen’s wife Anila joined him for his induction ceremony and they were given a warm welcome by all members, partners and friends in attendance. 
New Member Induction 2021-03-27 11:00:00Z 0

Howick Local Board Chair Presentation

Howick Local Board Chairperson Adele White was the guest speaker at the club’s dinner meeting. 

She took the opportunity to present what she called “Local Board 101” which was an interesting and comprehensive overview of the role of the Local Board within the local government of the “Auckland Super City”. 
Howick Local Board Chair Presentation 2021-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

New Member Presentation

New member Steve Lines presented a synopsis of his life to the club at our last meeting.

Born in Walsall in the Black Country of England in 1953 Steve told us how he grew up in a “world of makers “as many of his relations worked in the Austin car factory in Birmingham or associated industries. His father was a fitter and turner and his mum looked after the family home and Steve and his younger brother Andrew. While at school at the early age of 16 he and his Dad restored a “clapped out “1961 Reliant using his part time job money.  
He joined the Royal Engineers cadet force and loved the structure and discipline of the army. He went on to train as a teacher at Shoreditch College London majoring in Science and Technology which led him onto a number teaching roles in English and New Zealand schools. His move to the area was as Head of Technology at Howick College and following that to avoid “drowning in paperwork” became the Graphics Teacher at Somerville Intermediate. It was here that he made the acquaintance of President Gavin.

Whilst at High Wycombe he met and married Sarah and they have 2 children Rebecca and Tom both of whom are married. Steve and Sarah have 3 grandchildren in Rebecca’s family and he says Tom is still practising! They love travelling and Steve is also an avid sailor. Since retiring from teaching in 2017 he enjoys “giving back” to the community and is a Board member of the Howick Menzshed organization. He is looking forward to continuing to serve the community through his Rotary membership.

A big welcome to Steve and Sarah!

The full text of his presentation is in Read More. 
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Howick Fun Walk and Run

Registrations are Coming In Fast - Get yours in Quickly!
The Howick Fun Walk and Run will be held on Sunday 28th March.
The date is coming up fast - it is time to register.
To register online go to or on site on the day.
If you would like further information or want to help on the day contact John Osborne Ph 534 7699 mob 0272 161925 email
Howick Fun Walk and Run 2021-01-30 11:00:00Z 0

Food Parcel Support

One of the key objectives of Rotary is to provide support where we can to those in need. We know how Covid increased that need for so many young people and families over the past year. How best could we help within our limited resources? The media made it clear our local Foodbanks were struggling due to unprecedented demand. Members decided we should dig deep and provide financial assistance. With some of the funds raised through our projects such as our annual Bookarama, along with personal donations from members, we were able to provide funding close to $20k between 'Stand Children's Services, All Saints Church and the Salvation Army to assist those in most need in the middle of last year and again prior to Christmas. At last night's meeting we welcomed Pene Frost, Regional Manager of 'Stand Children's Services' and also Becky Fenn and Lole Turner from All Saints Church. 
Pene Frost                                        Lole Turner                                     Becky Fenn
Regional Manager                            All Saints                                        All Saints
Stand Children Services                  Food Parcel Coordinator                 Christmas Lunch Box Coordinator                                                 
Food Parcel Support 2021-01-29 11:00:00Z 0

Food Parcel Thank You

One of the key objectives of Rotary is to provide support where we can to those in need. We know how Covid increased that need for so many young people and families over the past year. How best could we help within our limited resources? The media made it clear our local Foodbanks were struggling due to unprecedented demand. Members decided we should dig deep and provide financial assistance. With some of the funds raised through our projects such as our annual Bookarama, along with personal donations from members, we were able to provide funding close to $20k between 'Stand Children's Services, All Saints Church and the Salvation Army to assist those in most need in the middle of last year and again prior to Christmas. At last night's meeting we welcomed Pene Frost, Regional Manager of 'Stand Children's Services' and also Becky Fenn and Lole Turner from All Saints Church who in turn expressed their thanks for the generous support the Club had provided.
Pene Frost                                        Lole Turner                                     Becky Fenn
Regional Manager                            All Saints                                        All Saints
Stand Children Services                  Food Parcel Coordinator                 Christmas Lunch Box Coordinator 
Pene told us about how Stand had to go to 'contactless" deliveries under Covid and how Rotary's support had helped buy bulk food and blankets that were then dispensed into family lots. Sadly many of the families are transient with no permanent home as such. Lole informed us that the first donation for Food Parcels was a life line as they had almost run out of funding at the time and she was having sleepless nights worrying about what to do. The additional Food Parcel funding prior to Christmas was used to make a real difference to a significant number of families. Becky told us about the Christmas Lunch Box Appeal and how the members donations had really bought “the Gift of Christmas” to a lot of local families that were recommended by social workers, doctors and other local professionals who had contact with them.  Members were visibly moved by many of the heart-felt stories of the challenges so many families are facing at present. Discussion will continue no doubt as to how we can do more in the future. 
Food Parcel Thank You 2021-01-28 11:00:00Z 0

Christmas Party Generosity Supports All Saints Christmas Lunch Box Appeal

Howick Rotarians took up the challenge at their Christmas Party early in December and raised $1640 for the Christmas Lunch Box Appeal being run by the All Saints Anglican Church for those needy families in the Howick Community. Organizer of the Christmas Party David Teape said “it was a good way for the club and its members to share some Christmas cheer with those people in the community that were in need of support”.  

The Christmas Lunch Box donation follows on from the donations of $2000 for Food Parcels made in November to All Saints and Stand Children’s Services made by the club  from the Rotary Club of Howick Community Trust in conjunction with the Thomas Brydon Trust. 
Christmas Party Generosity Supports All Saints Christmas Lunch Box Appeal 2021-01-18 11:00:00Z 0

Club AGM

The Rotary Club of Howick Inc. and the Rotary Club of Howick Community Trust held their joint AGM on Tuesday 24th November. Immediate Past President Mike Abercrombie presented the Club’s Annual Report for the 2019/20 year which ended on 30th June. He noted that whilst the Covid 19 pandemic had severely impacted the latter part of the year the club’s main projects of Bookarama, the Fun Walk and Run were successfully held along with a broad range of community, environment and young people assistance projects including the Food Parcel project during the lockdown period. Ian Fox and Dave Wylie were thanked for their efforts to keep club communications going during lockdown through Zoom meetings. 
Club AGM Rob Mouncey 2020-11-25 11:00:00Z 0

Howick Rotary Supports Coastguard Refuelling Project

At a dinner meeting on the 24th November Past President Alan Martin and Community Liaison Officer Chris Paul from Howick Coastguard formally received a cheque for $6000 from Howick Rotary to help toward the cost of establishing a refuelling facility at its Howick Beach headquarters. In addition, Colin Monk, Fun Walk and Run Committee member was able to announce that the club had secured a further $3000 from the June Gray Charitable Trust to go toward the project.
Howick Rotary Supports Coastguard Refuelling Project Rob Mouncey 2020-11-11 11:00:00Z 0

Police Award 2020

The Rotary Club of Howick Police annual Police Award was presented to the Commander of the Counties Manukau East Area Inspector Wendy Spiller at the club’s Tuesday dinner meeting at the Howick Club by President Gavin Green.
Police Award 2020 Rob Mouncey 2020-07-31 12:00:00Z 0

Food Parcel Project

Salvation Army Awards Certificate of Appreciation to Members of the Club. 
Howick Branch Pastor Joanne Wardle and Northern Regional Relationship Manager Donna Hedley made the award to Club President Gavin Green at the club's dinner meeting last Tuesday.
The total of the donations made by the members, the Rotary Club of Howick Community Trust and the Thomas Brydon Trust was $10470. Pastor Joanne said "the demand for food parcels had more than doubled under Covid 19 and the funds allowed them to significantly extend the breadth and depth of support within the local community".
Food Parcel Project 2020-07-15 12:00:00Z 0

Changeover 23rd June 2020

The club held its traditional Changeover Meeting on 23rd June at the Howick Club. New President Gavin Green was welcomed and past President Mike Abercrombie farewelled.
Changeover 23rd June 2020 Alex Garden 2020-06-26 12:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Simeon Brown

Club Zoom Meeting Features Local MP Simeon Brown as Guest Speaker. On Tuesday evening the club held its first Zoom Club meeting attended by 23 members. Our guest speaker for the evening was Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown.
Guest Speaker Simeon Brown Rob Mouncey 2020-05-26 12:00:00Z 0

Food Parcel Project

The Rotary Club of Howick Community Trust and club members have joined forces with the Thomas Brydon Trust to help local organizations provide food parcels to needy families in the Howick area.
Food Parcel Project Rob Mouncey 2020-05-12 12:00:00Z 0

Howick Rotary Suspends Club Meetings

Due to the health risks associated with the Covid 19 virus the Board of the Rotary Club of Howick has decided to suspend club meetings for an approximate period of two months.
The situation will be reviewed again at the May Board meeting planned for the 21st May.
Howick Rotary Suspends Club Meetings 2020-03-18 11:00:00Z 0

RYLA and RYPEN Cancelled

Howick Rotary announces the cancellation of its Rotary Young Leader Awards and Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment programmes.
After careful consideration of the health risks associated with the Covid 19 virus pandemic the organizers have decided to cancel these events for 2020.
RYLA and RYPEN Cancelled 2020-03-16 11:00:00Z 0

Christmas Message

Howick Rotary President Mike Abercrombie would like to wish the Howick Community, Members, Associates and Friends “A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND TO ALL YOUR FAMILIES AND WE HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE & ENJOYABLE TIME OVER THE HOLIDAY PERIOD”.
Christmas Message  Rob Mouncey 2019-12-19 11:00:00Z 0

Aid for Samoan Measles Epidemic

Howick Rotary and fellow clubs in District 9920 have responded positively to a request from the Rotary Club of Apia to help them in supporting the Ministry of Health and communities in Samoa. The Ministry of Health have specifically sought assistance from Rotary for health centre furnishings and supplies (beds, screens, trolleys, wheelchairs etc.) The Rotary Club is also providing family support for those bereaved families. To date 16 children have died with some thousands under care and observation.
Aid for Samoan Measles Epidemic  Rob Mouncey 2019-12-19 11:00:00Z 0
February Report from Exchange Student Polly Chamberlain 2018-03-08 11:00:00Z 0

Dr. Byron Kemp of Platinum Chiropractic

This week’s speaker was Dr. Byron Kemp of Platinum Chiropractic. Byron spoke to us about the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite the fact he started by confessing to being “Australian” we forgave him because he is a long time resident and has taken on the task of treating some of our members.
Dr. Byron Kemp of Platinum Chiropractic 2018-01-26 11:00:00Z 0

Trip to the Arlberg Ski Club at Mt. Ruapehu

Barry Nicholls is still taking bookings for the weekend at the Arlberg Ski Club social weekend. The accommodation cost is $20 per person per night. The booking is for the weekend of 3rd and 4th February, two nights. Barry is very happy to talk to those who have not been on this trip before. The last trip was late January 2015 when a great social time, lots of walks, chairlift rides and lunch at New Zealand's highest café. Barry assures us that there will be room for some family and friends, so join the fun if you can.
Trip to the Arlberg Ski Club at Mt. Ruapehu 2018-01-25 11:00:00Z 0

Howick Rotary and Club Runner

There has been an ongoing project to convert our club onto Club Runner. This comprehensive software package specifically for Rotary Clubs is now being used by large numbers of clubs in our district and internationally. This coming Tuesday Dave Wylie and Alex Garden will talk to us about the biggest change to running our club in many years. Alex Garden is a Rotarian and is the President of Pohutukawa Coast club. His company NetInsites specialises in the development and support of websites.
Howick Rotary and Club Runner Dave Wylie 2018-01-25 11:00:00Z 0

Geoff's Report for 2016-2017

My induction as President was delayed until 19th July 2016 largely due to our club’s substantial involvement with the Rotary organised event called RYLA. This was successfully completed early in July. With the changeover to Gavin Green on the 20th June 2017, I was effectively a President for just 11 months although officially from 1/7/16 to 1/7/17!
Geoff's Report for 2016-2017 2017-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Nicola Elia's Report

It is a few weeks before I hop on a plane and head back to New Zealand. I can’t believe my year is almost over, I’ve learnt so much and experienced things that couldn’t have happened without Rotary. My club has been with me every step of the way and they have supported me so much.
Nicola Elia's Report 2017-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Welcome to ClubRunner

Posted by Dave Wylie
Well it has taken some time but we now have Club Runner up and working and this Keyway has been produced using Club Runner and the individual records of all members and friends of Howick Rotary.
The software has functions that will, in time, make it easier for us all to administer and manage our terrific club. Most clubs in District 9920 have either implemented, or are in the process of implementing the system. The software is cloud based (i.e. on the internet) and is also used by District and has links to RI as well.
Welcome to ClubRunner Dave Wylie 2017-12-08 11:00:00Z 0

Howick Coastguard Donation

One of the many highlights of our club Christmas party last Tuesday was a $5,000 donation to Howick Volunteer Coastguard. John Osborne made the presentation on behalf of our club. They provide a fantastic service to our community. Without their dedication there would be a lot more grief amongst our community particularly at this time of the year. A local example of "Service before self."
Howick Coastguard Donation Dave Wylie 2017-12-06 11:00:00Z 0
Bookarama Report 2017-11-06 11:00:00Z 0